Gun Range
& Rental

10 Lanes Total - (5) 25 Yard Pistol Lanes & (5) 50 Yard Rifle Lanes - 2 People Per Lane maximum

Instructor Led Training

New to firearms and need some help? We have several amazing instructors on staff who can help you accomplish your goals.

Gear, Guns & Accessories

We offer a lifetime warranty on all new or used guns and will match the price of any local competitor.

    We offer a wide range of firearms for rent. Choose from pistols, shotguns, rifles, and more!
    Ammo for all calibers is available for sale. Appropriate range rounds are required for use on the ranges

About the Range

We have many great handguns and long guns available to rent! If you are a solo shooter and are bringing your own guns you are more than welcome to rent our guns also. If you are a solo shooter and don’t have any of your own guns we do require that you bring a buddy or take one of our classes prior to using the range. Please note that to use any of our rental guns we do require the use of our ammunition.

Customer Reviews

Discover what other customers have to say about their experiences shopping for firearms and shooting at our indoor range.

Went in on my birthday to try a few pistols before purchasing for my CHL. Staff went out of their way to set me up and offer advice on CHL pistols. They even went as far as waving a few fees as a birthday present. Proceeded to purchase a pistol and the process was very easy and pleasant. Range was clean and very professional. Definitely recommended.

Garrett Bragg March 28, 2017

had a blast first time shooting at a range was a little different but had a blast

Fran Wilson November 4, 2020

Everytime I go to this place, every time I'm always satisfied. If I need help with ammo or guns, or coming to shoot they service here is always fantastic

Rolando H Bustillos January 16, 2017

Josh was more than willing to stay late and let me try out his personal Glock 48 so I could figure out which gun I wanted to purchase myself. Did a great job of talking me through all the features of the gun and even gave my wife a quick little class and let her shoot his 48 as well. Can’t stress enough how friendly and welcoming the staff is here. Came back the following day to use the range and will continue to come back for more range time. If you’re thinking about getting a gun and don’t know where to start, definitely come to the sharp shooter.

Chris Rios August 22, 2019

Great place to work and we offer the best warranty in corpus. Stop by and see us

Jonathon Boyd February 14, 2014

I went to learn about how to use a gun. They were very informative. Brian took his time explaining everything and making sure I was understanding and feeling more comfortable. Ladies go see Brian. He was awesome! I will definitely be going back for more fun!

Alyssa Hernandez February 5, 2020
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